Alhassane Dartagnan Camara is a great Guinean djembefola.

Very early, from the age of 8, he was trained in the art of percussion and african dances by great drummers such as Jack Sylla and Fatouabou Aboubacar Camara.

From the 1990s, he joined the group “Percussions de Guinée Junior” as an accompanist.

Then, it is integrated into the ensemble of the “Gbassikolo Ballet”. He was noted for his speed as well as his incredible sense of rhythm, nuance and importance of fingering.

He also integrated many other groups and participated in many projects. He was part of the “Circus Baobab” group from its creation in 1998.

Later, he will also be part of Ba Cissoko’s group, notably on the album “Nimissa”

In 2018 he released his first album “DjembEvolution”

In 2020 released the documentary about his life, “L’appel du Djembe”(“Call of the Djembe”)